Not Hollow Yet

  A few months  only and I am still in so much pain. I am sick of feeling this much hurt. It is Valentines Day and all I want is to have my heart back once more. Belonging to no-one, all mine, and whole in its entirety. I am barely holding it together with whatever … More Not Hollow Yet


It is nine months to the day My one heart was shattered Into a million tiny fragments Of sharp pain How does one rebuild this? It seemed impossible. As though my heart was made with glass And no matter how hard I tried To put it together It will never be quite as whole As … More Returned


Unapproachable, that’s what you are. Stop denying it because it’s true. I want to talk and share and joke with you So wrapped up, in your own little republic And here am I, scared, alone, and in a Sadness so deep that even I can’t swim from the tears   You’re unapproachable, that’s what you … More Needed


So my head just keeps spinning And you won’t stop talking Why can’t you see the simple dot to dot picture you’re drawing, and how they all connect. Yet you’re passing it off as lies and deceit And now we’re both blinded as to whom we believe Stop talking Damnit Please. Won’t you Stop. (01/02/2011)

My Cave

How does this cave keep getting darker? And why do the walls just get closer? And why does this tunnel just keep getting longer? Well maybe it will make me stronger. Or perhaps it is to hide me from the world. Yet escape is made the more impossible by the barriers in my mind, And … More My Cave