A delicious stew

Your head on my lap After eating that home made stew You’ve made the fire up And there’s nothing I’d rather do Than be here with you tonight. Cosy and warm, your hand resting on my thigh Curtains still open so we can watch the dark night sky Today is a good day to be … More A delicious stew

This Town

Three years of coming to this sweet shore consoling A sanctuary from a world of chaotic misunderstanding. Together we explored her soothing curved periphery As the sun sank west beyond the edges of the sea And that day we were brave warriors of past imaginations Fighting with staffs found on the beach echoing declarations Of … More This Town


What is this? This magic that collides with every atom around us I have always held a belief That one and one make two Yet now you are in my life I see that I am one half of a whole Without you I am incomplete You are everything to me I could watch you … More Magic

These words

These beautiful words Awaken my sleepy soul Perfectly understanding The rhythm that Crashes and tumbles Through my head. A perfect match To my beating heart These words are enough. They provide inspirations From first kisses And blood red oranges That sewn together Create a beautiful tapestry Of humble spirit. Words are my life blood They … More These words

Second Encounters

I met you Between our agreed destinations On a busy street Flickers now. Subway. Awkward. Beach. Rain. Pebbles bouncing along the calm. I find this residual peace With the sea air clean and fresh Like laundry on a breezy day. More chatter. I was aware of you now. Of your presence. Your smile. Your laugh. … More Second Encounters

Messenger of God your timing is destructive

Timing is your downfall, your folly, your ruin. HOW could you have kept your heart so hidden? Fooling yourself and those around you. Instead You waited until my heart was certain and content. Messenger of God your timing is destructive. And only then did you rather drunkenly reveal That your feelings for me the last year … More Messenger of God your timing is destructive

Not Hollow Yet

  A few months  only and I am still in so much pain. I am sick of feeling this much hurt. It is Valentines Day and all I want is to have my heart back once more. Belonging to no-one, all mine, and whole in its entirety. I am barely holding it together with whatever … More Not Hollow Yet


It is nine months to the day My one heart was shattered Into a million tiny fragments Of sharp pain How does one rebuild this? It seemed impossible. As though my heart was made with glass And no matter how hard I tried To put it together It will never be quite as whole As … More Returned


Unapproachable, that’s what you are. Stop denying it because it’s true. I want to talk and share and joke with you So wrapped up, in your own little republic And here am I, scared, alone, and in a Sadness so deep that even I can’t swim from the tears   You’re unapproachable, that’s what you … More Needed