Ways to validate myself as a human: Express Yourself

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself!.”

What came to mind? Well I can’t be the only one that immediately remembers this beauty?

Sometimes I have way too many emotions to process, and so if I need to figure out what is going on in my crazy head I’ve got a number of things I do, here are a couple.

My current obsession is writing. I have a notebook that I just write down the stream of thoughts that tumble from my head. Not quite a diary, I only really write in it when I need some room up here to think, so I put it all in one place. And once it’s all out, I love seeing if I can make something worthwhile from all the thoughts and feelings I go through so it gets churned and turned into something that resembles poetry. Sometimes it’s awful. Actually most of the time it’s awful, I really don’t have the most extensive vocabulary and there’s only so many times you can rhyme ‘you’. But occasionally it does turn out okay, and if I like it then it goes on this blog for the whole internet to see.

Isn't it pretty?
My notebook, isn’t it pretty?

I’m also really attached to music. I almost constantly have a song stuck in my head, sometimes particular lyrics of it are just on repeat. After getting inspired by reading Lisa Tucker’s book ‘The Song Reader’, I decided to record my own Song Diary here. I love it!

I can’t say my ideas are original or amazing, and I doubt there’s talent in these blog posts. But if it helps me process, if it helps me deal, if I can express myself doing the things I love doing so that others can relate then amazing. It’s totally worth it.


Express Yourself by Veronica Delahoz


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