This Town


Three years of coming to this sweet shore consoling
A sanctuary from a world of chaotic misunderstanding.
Together we explored her soothing curved periphery
As the sun sank west beyond the edges of the sea

And that day we were brave warriors of past imaginations
Fighting with staffs found on the beach echoing declarations
Of love. And now I can no longer visit that enchanted place
Because it leaves me empty and sad with both stone heart and face

Three years I enjoyed the comforts of this dark pub that stank
Of piss and locals in the early hours, tainted with dank
Preferences. One night spent here we discussed life’s philosophies
Now I enter its filthy doors and desperate sadness clings to me

dec 14 014 dec 14 019

Three years visiting these bridges with their steep steps and welsh waterfalls.
Yet one day with you here, laughing in merriment whilst we recall
Patterns, practised by the stirring pool. And I cower at all I have lost,
Shackled to my bereavement in your absence at paths we haven’t crossed.

This town was the first place I allowed myself to call home
After years of all the terror and hardship, this was sanctum for my soul
Where I felt warm and loved and safe and right
Where nightmares couldn’t follow and dreams helped me through the night

But here my heart was broken, and now every corner turned
Gives another happy moment with you, raw as it is churned.
And every time I walk these once embracing streets
I am overwhelmed with a swell of unwelcome memories

December 2013 002

I look back so often that I’m forgetting how far I’ve come
The time has really come for me to leave this empty town
It’s genuinely time for me to go. Never have I been so ready to live
In the little remaining peace of mind that you have left me with.



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