Second Encounters

CHAOS productions

I met you
Between our agreed destinations
On a busy street
Flickers now.
Subway. Awkward.
Beach. Rain. Pebbles bouncing along the calm.
I find this residual peace
With the sea air clean and fresh
Like laundry on a breezy day.
More chatter.

I was aware of you now.
Of your presence. Your smile. Your laugh.
The way your hands rubbed your hair.
The faces you pulled. How you walked. Your scent.
I was aware now.

More flickers. Up Consti.
Heavy breathing.
The sound of feet crunching
And sliding
And pausing.
The intake of breath when we reached the climax view.
That smile. My smile.
Quiet as we individually absorbed the slopes and dips
And ever grinning sea,
Identifying landmarks (you could have fooled me.)

Downwards now. Slower. Pain. Limp. Smile. Grin.
Heart uplifted. Head dizzy. Downwards. Downwards.
Wandering. You care free. Me – too conscious of other things
Invading my mind.

Introductions and nervous smiles.
How do you do’s and
Catching up with lives that I have ignored
Because other things invaded my mind.
Queue. Texting. Pain. Rain.
Food and drink and
Finally we sit.
And watch.
And smile.

You are sooooo loud.
And crumbling in your mouth
Like a volcano
You talk in my ear
But I fear
That the whole cinema is angrily listening.

But then
You reach and
Gently hold my hand
I feel so alive
And I am trembling
With this bright hot energy
That engulfs my soul.
I am happy.
I am singing my inside out.
How I wish you could hear the melody
Because it is beautiful.
And we didn’t let go,
Your hand in mine
How could something so simple
Feel quite this divine.
Upwards, upwards
To my front door.
My memory is gone
All I remember is
Pulling you closer
So that our lips could explode.
That merging
In my mind
Was so perfect but ended all so soon.

And you left
And I watched
And I knew that this was love
And my
How it scared me so.



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