Not Hollow Yet


A few months  only and I am still in so much pain.

I am sick of feeling this

much hurt. It is Valentines Day

and all I want is to have my heart back once more.

Belonging to no-one, all mine, and whole

in its entirety.

I am barely holding it together with whatever threads of pride I still have left

Together we were ablaze

and these ashes long for the embers of our love

I am grasping desperately at the pain I feel

because once the pain is gone what will be left?

Once it becomes only a memory

then it is past;

no longer in the present –

no more.

We will be over and there will be nothing but

shadows and echoes of love lost.

I feel exhausted, drained, numb, but still I am.

I am too much in love with you still to be hollow


14th February 2015. See original post here:


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