Messenger of God your timing is destructive

JULY PHONE 2015 046

Timing is your downfall, your folly, your ruin.
HOW could you have kept your heart so hidden?
Fooling yourself and those around you. Instead
You waited until my heart was certain and content.
Messenger of God your timing is destructive.

And only then did you rather drunkenly reveal
That your feelings for me the last year had been real.
How you had loved me from the day we first met
So you’d kept busy with minimal correspondence, determined to forget.
Messenger of God your timing is destructive.

So now my happy heart is no longer playing along
With life’s sweet, sweet melody and merry little song
I’ve lost the beat and can’t quite catch back up with
Where I was before you poured out how much I’d missed.
Messenger of God your timing is destructive

Pulled and torn in almost every possible direction
You’ve presented me with a fork that would lead
To a difficult path
The other so easily chosen once, a sure found way to happiness and love
To be content. All the decisions I made calmly and rationally
To be by his side for the rest of my life,
seem to belong to another me. He is my world.

Surely I know that a path alongside yours
Would lead to misery and destruction and uncertainty
An ever growing fear that trouble would prevail.
Because I know we wouldn’t work
I feel it.

This is not love.
This is NOT love.
Drawn to the messenger as a moth to a flame
Despite everything
I choose love. Today he is my world.
The messenger can wait
Until the sobered morning
Where time will surely be his remedy
For the destruction he caused this night.


(First written 05/08/2012, edited 01/10/2015)


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