Unapproachable, that’s what you are.
Stop denying it because it’s true.
I want to talk and share and joke with you
So wrapped up, in your own little republic
And here am I, scared, alone, and in a
Sadness so deep that even I can’t swim from the tears
You’re unapproachable, that’s what you are.
What happened kid? We used to be so close
And now you’re in the land of very far away.
I’ve never asked for much, I’ve supported you through
Hell. Why is it I can’t seem to ask for help?
Here I am, guilty but so afraid,
Tired with worn down bones and
Too much to say but there is precious time now.
I want, I want, I want
I feel.
I NEED you.
Now how many times have I said that, huh?

(August/September 2011)


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